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From wedding packages to airport service, a night out on the town, and city tours, we do it all!

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Paxton Shuttle Service

Our parent company offers transportation services in Prince George, as well as throughout British Columbia and Alberta

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Limo Rules and Regulations, Terms and Conditions

Royal Rose Limousines and Paxton Shuttle Service Terms and Conditions, Rules and Regulations:

  1. Application – these terms and conditions, rules and regulations apply whether a contract was in verbal or written form, and pertains to both Royal Rose Limousines and/or Paxton Shuttle Service.
  2. Alcohol Consumption – is not permitted in any vehicle as per British Columbia Law: Section 44(1) Liquor Control Act of B.C.
  3. Smoking is not permitted in any vehicle.
  4. No animals or pets are to be transported in any vehicle.
  5. No illegal drugs or criminal activities permitted in any vehicle.
  6. The company vehicles shall be at the client’s disposal subject to; the carrying capacity of the vehicle not being exceeded, including and not limited to:
    The conduct of the passengers; the chauffeur or driver is responsible for the safe operation of the vehicle and the safety of all the passengers. On the discretion and full authority of the chauffeur or driver, any passenger(s) who is in breach of any company rule, provincial or federal government safety regulation or law, will not be permitted to board or remain on a company vehicle. The driver will terminate service at his or her discretion.
  7. The client will be responsible for all the passengers conduct and any damage(s) caused to the vehicle by any passenger(s) before, during and after the period of the contractual time.
  8. Limit of liabilities – the company shall not be held liable for delays caused by circumstances beyond its control, such as; road conditions, storms, accidents, unusual traffic congestion, breakdowns, etc. In the event that a last minute breakdown or accident puts a vehicle out of service, the company reserves the right to substitute an alternate vehicle from our fleet.
  9. Passenger’s property – the company will not accept liability for any damage to or loss of any property left on a vehicle by the client or passenger(s). All items recovered from any company vehicle will be held in the company lost and found.
  10. We are committed to all our clients’ safety, our drivers and chauffeurs must comply with all rules, regulations and laws governing the passenger transportation businesses. The hours of service regulations is one of these. Delays, unplanned stops and detours, etc. not planned or described on the tour itinerary or charter contract could place the driver/chauffeur in violation, that could result in severe fines, suspension and out of service orders. For this reason, your driver of chauffeur may not be able to accommodate a request for alterations to the original itinerary. The client will abide by the travel itinerary as originally planned and agreed to. It is a federal offence in Canada for any person, organization to request, require, or allow a driver to violate the hours of service regulations, as of January 1st, 2007.


Reservation Policy 

  • Minimum 25% deposit is required to guarantee a booking.


Cancellation Policy

  • 100% deposit refund with 4 weeks’ notice
  • 75% deposit refund with 3 weeks’ notice
  • 50% deposit refund with 2 weeks’ notice
  • No deposit refund with less than 2 weeks’ notice
  • 24-hour minimum notice for refund of any prepaid booking
  • Payment in full will be charged with less than 24-hours’ notice of cancellation